A high school hackathon by students, for students.

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Come code with us!

Are you a high school student who wants to test their coding skills?

Want to show off what you know?

Want to learn, code, and have the chance to get free swag and maybe win an award?

Come to def hacks()! We have cookies :)

The def hacks() movement is spreading

Though our first event was held in the middle of New York City, our passion has spread across America. We have organizing teams in the following states, each of which are establishing their own def hacks() high school hackathon. Click through for more information on each.

New York California Seattle London



What is def hacks()?

It's a hackathon meant only for high school students founded by high school students. We want to give everyone the opportunity to test their coding skills and develop new ones, while also getting the chance to eat, network, and get free swag.

What exactly *is* a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event, typically lasting several hours (or even days), in which a large number of people meet to code and show off their products. You can find a longer explanation here!

What happens if I can't code?

You learn!
We are open to hackers of all coding levels, whether you've never heard of a function or you've made millions off of apps in the App Store. We will provide mentors and workshops so that everyone can complete an application to submit.

What do I need to bring, in terms of equipment and money?

You should bring your own computer and charger, some form of identification, excitement :D, and power strips (recommended).
This event costs nothing--each hacker will be provided with food, swag, and FUNFUNFUN.

Who can attend?

Any student still in high school is welcome to attend! However, if you aren't in high school or if you need help convincing your parents, you can email us about your situation at hello@defhacks.xyz. You do not have to be from the US (but we don't provide travel reimbursement).

How do the teams work?

We recommend working in a team, but you have the option to work as an individual. Teams are limited to 4 people––try to work with someone new!

I know a company that wants to sponsor, what should I tell them?

Fantabulous! Tell them to contact us at hello@defhacks.xyz

Can I be a mentor at def hacks()?

Of course! The more help the better! Just email us at hello@defhacks.xyz with your level of experience with coding and your level of education. We will then email you with what to do from there.


Don't hesitate to email us at hello@defhacks.xyz! We wil try to answer your questions as best as we can :)

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Who We Are

  • Aram is a senior at Great Neck South High School. He is the cofounder of the open-source student research database Scicademy and the founder of the ecommerce site Bike All Day. In his free time, Aram enjoys biking, coding, and reading self-help books and hopes to enter the field of technology entrepreneurship in his future.

    Aram Baghdassarian


  • Robert is a senior at Ardsley High School. He spent his last summer at the University of Pennsylvania in their ESAP Computer science program. He is the president of NY DECA, and hopes to study computer science and finance.

    Robert Epstein


  • Our Founders

  • Caitlin is a freshman at Cornell University. She is an alumna of the Girls Who Code program and was a #BUILTBYGIRLS intern at Cambio/AOL.

    Caitlin Stanton


  • Emily is a freshman at Davidson College. She loves to read, write, and code and spent the last two summers at Oxford University and Brown University.

    Emily redler


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